Other Podcast Youtube Vids Full List (Berserker)


  • Dark Souls Prepare to Lore (Guess this Character)(2m25s)
  • Siegmeyer Lore(10m00s)
  • Four kings lore after dark (12m20s)
  • Lores o Cinder (4m30s)
  • Sekiro Depressed trailer analysis(36m15s)
  • Snack Covenant E1: Pthumery, Loran, Burgenwerth, Refresher (31m45s)
  • SK8 Full Executioners Episode(3h1m25s)
  • Death Stranding Failed Analysis of Trailer #5 (1h00m10s)
  • Future world, James Franco amd Mila Jovovich Lore (46m00s)
  • Halloween SPecial: Subterano Movie Podcast (22m15s)
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