[HS] HSStandard 1.0.1

This thing keeps getting better to be honest. Let's see what happened since the last version.

What's new?

- Potential optimizations (not even sure it's noticeable though).

- Some transparent items fixed.

- Pubic hair being displayed weirdly and conflicting with other clothes fixed.

- Fixed certain items using the two colors shader. 

- Fixed certain items using the two layers shader.

- Reduced the skin detail intensity to something more consistent.

- Disabling the mod cannot be done by holding "Left Shift" anymore, the shortcut was moved to "Left Ctrl + Left Alt".

- Fixed a bug that made certain items completely disappear (the body juice or tears level 3 for example).

- Added an experimental way to "fix" the depth of field (and other screen effects) for hair. This option is disabled by default but can be enabled by activating "fixHairDOF" in modprefs.ini.

- Fixed a bug in the anisotropic hair shader: Intensity and Shine Color have a more consistent behaviour now, which makes certain hair (that were considered buggy) less shiny. If you're using those I'm sorry, you'll have to tweak them again I'm afraid. If not, you're good to go (vanilla and vanilla looking hair don't seem to be affected too much).


Illusion Plugin Architecture 

A fully updated game with the latest patch (6/30 patch, under "Game Updates").


Version 1.0.1 (Mega) 

Unless I get new ideas or see more bugs I don't think I'll update this plugin further.

Have fun!

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