Weekly Links 4.21.19

A weekly update of content from around the web including modern takes on the ancient world, material related to this past week’s articles, and a look at what our editorial staff is reading.

This week: 

Today is the LAST DAY of the Sportula’s book auction fundraiser! Make your final bids!

Archaeological society tries to stem continuing controversy over #MeToo scandal.

Euripides, with notes.

Beyoncé and the philologist.

Simon Cowell’s new mansion is haunted by the ghost of Antinous.

Nixon claims homosexuality destroyed Greece, Rome, and...America?

Donna Zuckerberg: The Establishment is done, but please enjoy their fantastic archives; Anne Helen Petersen asks, is everything an MLM?; Lyz Lenz on rediscovering sexual attraction to men while also understanding that most men are trash; how a 1-inch-long fish put a man in prison; why don't publishers publish more translations?; a collection of sentences from David Brooks' new book

Sarah Scullin: Fantasy writer Tessa Gratton on processing her mother's death through writing; Anne Helen Peterson with praise for Facebook groups; on the disciplines in which no black students earn PhDs; "I was brainwashed by the liberal media, then I saw a video of a man ranting alone in a truck."

Yung In Chae: Colorism in dating and marriage, an ode to Lionel Messi, a history of the influencer.

Tori Lee: Why nobody uses dental dams, and why they still exist; on finding and eating every version of Oreo; does prison work for forced addiction treatment? There is a new Helvetica and tbh it’s stunning.

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