Roy Cohn White House: The Mueller Report Special, Part I

At long last, the Mueller Report is here, and we are…underwhelmed. In the first episode of a two-part Mueller Report Special, we do an overview of the bizarre sequence of events that led to the Barr Report and the Mueller Report, which have been eclipsed by propaganda and atrocious media coverage. We examine the contents of the report itself, and ask questions like: why did Mueller fail to indict? Why did it take two years for Mueller to release a report on crimes that were documented in the public domain? Since when is obstructing justice openly no longer obstructing justice at all? 

Since when is ignorance an alibi, as it was for Donald Trump Jr? In Robert Mueller’s world, criminal impunity becomes criminal immunity, and ignorance is passed off as innocence, and protocol is used as a pretext to discard with principle. 

We also discuss impeachment and the emergence of Elizabeth Warren as a candidate willing to take on the crises of corruption and complacency head-on – a vital move not only for 2020, but for now. We discuss the threats to the 2020 election and how we are set to face the same attacks of voter suppression and foreign interference that we did in 2016 -- and we note that therefore simply “voting Trump out in 2020” is not the answer. 

The system is broken and the institutionalists either don’t understand how to fix it or don’t care who it hurts. We have no time to lose, which is why we created a Gaslit Nation Action Guide full of suggestions you can act on now. Make sure you listen to the end of the episode!

Show Notes:

Searchable PDF of the Mueller Report

Video: John Dean interview with Jake Tapper of CNN

New York Times: How Barr’s Excerpts Compare to the Mueller Report’s Findings

Newsweek: Should William Barr Recuse Himself From Mueller Report? Legal Experts Say Attorney General's Ties to Russia Are Troubling

Politico: When Trump won, Putin deployed his oligarchs

Vox: The Mueller report’s collusion section is much worse than you think

Holder: Any 'competent' prosecutor could win obstruction case against Trump

Joyce Vance on the “Charging Decisions” of the Mueller Report

Julia Ioffe on Wikileaks in the Mueller Report

Video: Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow

Ryan Goodman on highlights of Mueller Report analysis 

Washington Post: Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

Michael Carpenter on Manafort and Gates in the Mueller Report

Andrea on Manafort, Gates, and Manafort’s odd Nov. 4, 2016 electoral college map prediction on Twitter

Mimi Rocah: Did Trump’s Pardon Dangling Work?

Brian Klaas: Dangled Pardons clearly affected witness behavior

The Atlantic: The Mueller Report is an impeachment referral 

WSJ: Trump personally directed Flynn to find Hillary Clinton’s emails

Mueller Report on Kilimnik’s “peace deal” work with Manafort

Natasha Bertrand points out email in Mueller Report saying “Putin has won”

Andrea’s thread on Trump’s search for Hillary’s emails, including with help from Cambridge Analytica’s C.E.O. Alexander Nix

Vanity Fair: Mueller Confirms: Don Jr. was Too Stupid to Collude 

NBC News: Mueller mystery: What are the other 12 criminal referrals? 

NBC News:  Mueller report shows he chose not to charge Trump because obstruction was in plain view  

Newsweek: William Barr Blasted by Legal Experts for Acting as a 'Defense Lawyer' for Donald Trump Rather Than Representing American People 

Mueller report found Trump directed White House lawyer to 'do crazy s---" 

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