The Most Secretly Creative Sense, Compassion

"If we could see without distorting influence of ego, everything would appear as it is, perfect." - William Blake 

For each and everyone one of as humans, the ego projects a screen in which we view our current physical circumstances as real. A committed relationship. A roof over our heads. A bank account full. Or not. 

Regardless of circumstance, we find this “reality” real and true. So often we try to change this reality, to improve it. It's an obsession for the ego to improve this life. It never ends. Until we end it. 

We are conscious, we think. But in experience, the mind is simply imitating consciousness, and before realization, we accept and mistake this imitation of consciousness projected from the mind as actual consciousness. 

Said another way, we attempt to use “consciousness” to improve our physical circumstances (agenda) and then we wonder why it is not working….

There’s nothing wrong with the “fake it until you make it” play in life. For it is in this act, that suddenly - one day when we let go - we finally can truly tell the difference between imitated consciousness, often projected from the mind, and pure consciousness, which contains no energy and no agenda. 

It’s a process of evolving, in a human matter of perception, and in, a master perception, it is simply waking up from the dream, letting go of it. 

It is a complete removal of the veils of Maya that kept us stuck in the perception that this reality was the ultimate reality with all its steadfast laws of gravity, duality, right/ wrong, and linearity. 

Yet, one day that veil is lifted and we realize this physical reality, life story was only a dream made up by the human persona. And, we realize every character in the story was really just a  reflection/ projection of us. 

That is until, we woke up. 

Soon those laws and rules no longer applied and those other people no longer reflected back to us but were simply having their own experience that was never any of our business, after all. 

It is to wake up from a dream, to see what we thought was real is but an act, and thus, should not be taken so seriously. 

You see it every day. Humans walking around in a dream, and thinking it is the only reality, taking it very seriously as a matter of “life and death”. 

You can laugh at them or pity them or whatever. However, if you are still trying to improve your own dream, you are just like them with an added awareness there is something more without being able to see it just quite yet. And that’s okay. 

In realization, when the ego dissolves, or integrates, or however you personally perceive it, you cannot accept that this life you thought was so real is anything other than a dream that you lost yourself in to have the experience of 'finding' yourself in it. 

I’m sure everyone reading this has had glimpses of this understanding or perception.

Many of you might say, you already get this. 

And I know you do. 

Yet, if you cannot see your life/ self/ experience as any thing other than pure perfection, there's a little left to move through. And that's okay. It is not a race. 

In the realized state of being, you are never able to fall back asleep even if you wanted to. 

You cannot even pretend to with yourself take the dream seriously anymore. 

The mind ego is retired from its narrative-making role. Game over. Big relief and a tiny bit of grief. 

That is, in part, why people are so terrified of allowing their realization. They perceive it as the end. 

Yet when the game ends, another door opens up, and that is the door to pure creation. 

It is in this state of no longer being in the dream, that you simply stop trying to change anything in the dream. Because why would you need to, what does it matter? 

Just as William Blake said in the quote above, without the ego’s distortion of perception, you see everything as total perfection. Thus, no need to change it, alter it, or manipulate it. 

And the really funny strange/ paradoxical part, is that when you stop trying to change/ alter/ manipulate things in your life (or the dream), that is when you truly change everything. 

And that alteration is because you no longer have an agenda. It is simply not possible to have an agenda anymore when you wake up from the dream, stepping into your realization. 

And if you choose to stay on Earth as a realized being, you may find yourself walking through the dream, never forgetting it’s a dream but simply playing in it. 

And you might stumble like me upon one of your creations – one you might have made as a child before the programming got so heavy, for example, or one from another lifetime dream.

And in walking up to your creation, you are almost shocked when you see, “Wow, I created that.”

And yet you had forgotten all about it, when you woke from the dream. There’s lots to play with here, but I choose to focus on this idea, or sense, of compassion. 

Many of you have heard the definition of compassion as honoring everyone, everything, even yourself where it’s at without trying to change it. 

Allowing everyone, everything, even yourself to be where it is at without trying to change it.  

Many people have used this as a belief system almost to operate from in life. Yet, what happens when the belief system transfigures into a sense, a creative sense as well as a perceptive one?

"The deepest feeling of a compassion that does not seek to alter anything, paradoxically, alters everything." - Adyashanti

(If you read my ‘Soul-less’ article I give a firm example of this...)

True and free compassion can only be experienced when the ego and its mind narrative have completely dissolved, or integrated. 

Yet, in the “fake it until you make it” reality in which imitation of consciousness and pure consciousness flow back and forth within the body of consciousness, it is always a worthwhile endeavor to watch when agenda shows up in your life. 

A few examples: Trying to attract more money, trying to attract a soul mate or partner, hell, any sort of trying. Anything that has an end goal. Anything that places an outcome in a duality like good/bad, or winning/ losing, and so on… you all catch my drift. 

It is in this light and easy practice of observation without making self-judgments that we can invite our human persona, mind, ego and on... into the experience of self-realization. 

That is until they all dissolve into the space that is You, the oceanic, integrated Self.

That’s all I leave you with today. Please feel free to share your experiences or ask questions.  

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In honor of you and your inimitable experience,