Brisbane Amiga Meetup

Tonight I will be meeting up with other Amigan's and hopefully encouraging more people to not only play with the Amiga but to also develop for it.

 A quick starting point for a new animated cycling image shown above (32 colours - 320x256) I plan to enhance this either by:

- Creating a Halfbright mode version (64 colours) or

- High Resolution (640x512 - 256 colours)

or both :)

The Boing Ball will be spinning and more colours dedicated to the colour cycling to give a nicer organic movement.  Might also consider animating the text :)

The Animated GIF was created using Photoshop frames but if I can find a way to do this on the Amiga, will do in future.

I have attached a few source files if your interested :)

640x512 HalfBright (Work in Progress)

Ham8 Image

Quick update: If your interested on the photos of the event, we do have some here 

Closed Brisbane Group :)

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