World Building Wednesday 46 - The Drifted

Time for another (usually) patrons-only world building post, dear readers! To those of you visiting for the Open House, these posts happen weekly and are available to all patrons at any level.

This week, we're going to look at what happens when a faerie-being closest to the Heart of Faerie falls out of alignment with that spiritual flow.

Design for this particular Drifted comes from AcronaSilverFox on dA <3 Click here to see her original post on the design, which I was lucky enough to adopt!  (And please enjoy this bonus Actia, too. Haven't gotten to draw her in a while, so I hope it's as refreshing for you to see her as it was for me to draw her!)

As has been mentioned before, there are many types of fae that are closer to the Heart of Faerie than the organized peoples (the Gnomes, Orcs, the Dwarves etc.). The closest of those closest tend to manifest as vague winged creatures, having no need for physical features or gravity.

(Like so.)

When one of those faeries fall out of alignment with the Heart, however, they are forced into physical form. They then usually look like a differently-sized version of an existing animal - still with wings, but taking the basic features of that animal as well. For some reason, the Heart favors insect forms for those this happens to - usually moths or butterflies - but other types have been seen, anything from small winged cats to small winged hogdragons.

Having fallen away from their closeness to the spiritual nature of all Faerie, these beings are forced to make a home within the physical world until they'v worked through whatever pain caused that separation (only then returning to their original non-physical shape). 

While they work through that, many of them choose to become guides to other lost souls.

It should also be said that these fae are very uncommon. Not unheard of but, but probably only one out of 300 people would have seen one in their lifetime. They also pop up most often in places of constant magic, so the Elves and the Brogh have seen them more than anyone else. 

Over the years, both the Elves and the Brogh have come to call them 'the Drifted.' They are very well respected and cared for by anyone who comes into their guidance.

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