April Update

Dear patrons,

Finally I have some time to write a post on this page! The last month fast pretty intense, with a lot going on for me, between project updates, conferences and even my first 'real' workshop! Continue reading for more details about what happened to me in the last weeks. 🐈

Vue Devtools 5 shipped!

At the end of March, I finally released the much awaited new version of the official Vue Devtools. It contains a lot of new features:

  • Router tab
  • Performance tab
  • Settings tab
  • Editable Vuex state
  • Editable props
  • Display density setting
  • Inspect $refs, $attrs
  • Functional components displayed in the component tree

It also received a lot of refactoring to make everything about the devtools faster, with virtual scrolling, a new Vuex backend that replays mutations instead of serializing the whole store for each mutation, and many more improvements! It also uses the official component library shared across the Vue organization.

Most of the work was done during the first Core Team Sprint last summer, read more about it here.

In the following days, I also worked on multiple patches and a point release, shipping bug fixes and improvements (check out the list).

Vueconf US

At the end of March, I also attended Vueconf US in Tampa, Florida. I talked about 9 performance tips you can use in a Vue app to improve runtime performance and frames per second/reduce freezes and stuttering.

Look at those amazing MCs cosplaying a unicorn! (Psst! It's Jen Looper & Ben Hong!) πŸ¦„

The conference Venue

I spent four days there, meeting a lot of amazing people, friends and enjoying this sunny conference! 🌞

At Wedding

Hopefully, my flights back were all on time, so I didn't miss the wedding (the next day πŸ™€) of one of my best friend. It took place at my parent's town and we ate A LOT of sushi! This days was beautiful and sunny too!

My first Human Coders workshop

Two days after that, I held a three-days long workshop at a company in Lyon, teaching the fundamentals of Vue.js to a very nice group of people. We had a great time and feedback for the session was very good! πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

If you are curious about what the workshop is about (and you can read French), head over there.


Then I flew to Cluj, Romania to give a talk about Vue CLI 3 and its GUI. The organization was fantastic and I met a lot of new great people!

The very handsome Codesandbox team!

We even visited a salt mine 🀩

Improvements to Vue CLI

This month I also made some improvements to Vue CLI:

  • Syntax highlighting for `vue inspect`
  • The Security Vulnerability widget (only yarn is currently supported)
  • Improved task parameters with an override switch
  • (Plugin API) The ability to save SharedData to disk (yay persistent Webpack stats!)
  • Bare option when creating project in the UI
  • Project creation and plugin invoke are now executed in child processes in the UI
  • Some UI usability improvements like the plugin feature icons in the plugin search
  • A lot of performance improvements for the UI

The new Security widget in action!

The new vue-bot

When coming back from JSHeroes, I also started work to improve our GitHub bot to be more useful, in order to make the contribution experience on Vue better.

First, I drew a new avatar which replaced the Vue logo that was used previously (this is the first sketch):

You can find the new vue-bot profile here.

I also updated the message it sends when an issue is not created with our issue helper:

Then I worked on a new message sent to the merged PRs made by the community:

And I was more improvements in the works to make vue-bot even better!

First gold sponsor

Finally, I can't finish this post without a huge thank you to my new gold sponsor, sum.cumo! I also thank all my other existing sponsors and patrons. Thank you again, your support is invaluable to me and very much appreciated! πŸ™



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