Dark Eldar Archon thigh armor for my girlfriend, next to the leg armor that I finished before. This was completed in about a day's time, as I'm getting faster and more used to doing design work with Worbla. Also, please excuse the hideous marker lines, I messed around with designs for a good hour. They'll be gone as soon as Gesso is applied to the piece as well. Things I learned whilst doing this, that are probably really useful to some of you: 1.) Parchment paper is far superior to tin foil. Tin foil after the Worbla reaches a certain temperature has a chemical reaction, and begins to slightly adhere to the Worbla. It's nothing that ruins the piece, but it will ruin the Tin foil. Parchment paper is purely non reactive to the Worbla, and also can handle the heat from the heat gun. If you're using tin foil, switch now, seriously. The only thing Parchment paper does not like is tape, as you can see from the multiple strips of duct tape here =P. 2.) Just wear gloves when it comes to rolling out worbla into thin strips, which is how I made the design work on this thigh piece. I was stubborn and kept rolling the "Worbla-dough" from scraps with just my hands. I switched to using some leather working gloves that fit my hands, and it cut my time down to rolling the worbla by 3/4ths. It also becomes incredibly rough on your hands without protection, and will cause you to get very sore. When it comes to working at high heat to roll up and thin out the worbla scraps, just wear gloves. 3.) That my girlfriend's armor is going to be beautiful compared to mine, as I was still unsure about a lot of techniques as I began the Dark Eldar Incubi costume. My new pieces will look great, but some of my old pieces are clearly dated. Thankfully, the Incubi aren't overly elaborate except their helmet, which came out exactly how I wanted it to. This piece was created with Worbla and craft foam, and all of the raised surfaces were hand sculpted with excess Worbla. Pinching your thumb and pointer finger along the edges of the worbla, while pressing down gently gives you a triangular shape for the worbla strips. I continued this process until I had enough material to create the designs I wanted to do. I'll do a video on this in the coming weeks so you can visually understand how the method is done.
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