Fascism's Fabric in The United States: What Every US Citizen Needs to Know

Industry-run agencies, government groups and even individuals that promote the ripping away individual freedoms need to be labeled as fascists. This is the year 2019 and Fascism is still alive and deeply interwoven, insidiously, into American Politics. All human beings have the right to choose what substances we consume into our bodies. The moment individual citizens lose control over what can go into our bodies, then we can be chipped, have pharmaceuticals forced into us, allow the police to stick humans with tranquilizers at will, and so forth. The narrative will always be, "This is for the good of everyone" because the public will buy the narrative and not realize how they downplay and strip away individual rights. Is this the pre-Nazi type of society you have signed up for your children in 10 years? And who benefits the most? The individual? No. It benefits industries and corporations that get their products green-lit approved by government, so the product is always needed 24/7, 365. But how could this scenario happen if "government" itself looks out for The People?

Mandating, bullying and forcing anything known to be toxic on an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) into a human being, such as an element like aluminum injected directly into our tissue (not buffered or a slow-trickle into us because it didn't pass via our gut microvilli) is just the tip of the iceberg. Vaccines is just a gateway issue and the people that want to opt-out from vaccines will get black-listed and monitored. Many CEOs, industries and government-affiliated groups in higher places are closely watching the vaccine issue to see what happens with personal freedoms and what is allowed into an individual. The American Population is being tested right now, and most of society is asleep at the wheel thinking everything is on-track, even though the power structure is off the rails. 

No matter where you stand on vaccines, we need to keep in mind that a vaccine is more or less a drug. And like any drug, each vaccine is formulated differently with different elements and compounds, so each can have specific problems and negative biological effects (called slickly with the narrative Side-Effects) as each batch is manufactured. But somehow if anyone discovers a problem with a vaccine, the courts have given a great deal of vaccines immunity versus a vaccine injury to protect a company over a damaged individual, almost like vaccines are not drugs at all, but are made from magical pixie dust that could never conceivably do harm, even if they got the batch wrong or if something spoiled in shipping, or if another strain of something was introduced, etc. 

It's completely ludicrous that vaccines are not classified as drugs, because they are drugs. Any laboratory biologist will tell you so. It is almost as if the lawmakers and judges in-charge of making and evaluating laws know little to nothing about biology, because, oh yeah, most probably don't have a biology degree and didn't study enough science to know much about mitochondrial function, ROS, oxidative stress, blood-brain-barrier permeability, and so forth, and will trust Industry-heads over actual science. Politics at its finest to crash Public Health.

As we enter 2020 next year, we will be looking into the new face corruption, if "mandate" is not recognized as "forced coercion." Mandating an individual to take anything into one's body is not only morally unjust, it is telling how bankrupt our society has become that enough people are asleep and cannot foresee the consequences of relinquishing this primary choice. American citizens that do not want to comply will be alienated in many ways; it will divide communities and get people to argue with people, just like the corporations desire. Life will also get much harder for those that opt-out because they will not be able to get the same freedoms of those that comply with forced coercion. Ironically, all citizens never OPTED-IN at all in the first place. 

Contracts work by time... if a person says nothing when given a public notice and enough time passes, a Company gets priority and the law assumes that the customer wanted to OPT-IN even if the the citizen didn't realize they were opting-in. This is how The United States of America operates to get citizens to comply and this is how they insidiously take your rights away if you fail to notice what they are doing. This passive opt-in system helps to build the corruption around us, and again, few judges ever question this contractual design.

The fact that an opting-out is possible is direct admission something can do harm: corporations know that there is a risk involved with their products, so when a person signs a contract, they are the corporations become legally protected. Otherwise, there would never be a contract needed to sign in the first place if a product was known to be safe. Getting the government to force a product into humans helps corporations in so many ways: those pesky contracts won't be needed if everyone is forced to consume their products. Imagine what happens if a person with a disease is forced to get a cancer drug or cancer drug, but wants to opt-out but cannot, even though it is known that the drug or vaccine could do more harm to the person or give the person a life-disability if taken, like blindness, daily seizures, and so forth? 

This is the slippery slope we are approaching unless The People can unite to stop this insanity. Why does government have to step in at all? Health should be about what the patient wants, not what government demands. Health should be about keeping a confidentiality between the doctor and patient. Government is overstepping its role, as Government is not a doctor. Government doesn't care about the Hippocratic Oath because Lady America never enrolled in medical school and took the Oath.

How is government overstepping its bounds then? Why aren't they forcing milkshakes and cheesecake forced into us instead? Specific government agencies are getting closer to force their products into us because many parts of the US Government are NON-ELECTED representatives within the ABC Agencies that makes decisions about Public Health, create "regulations" and "guidelines", but are then interpreted as "law" to the public eye, and this red-tape also goes unchallenged for the most part and rarely get debated ever again. These NON-ELECTED entities are not voted on by The People either, but are APPOINTED to push their agenda upon The People. How in the heck does this happen? Hi Congress. Congress doesn't have the time to deal with most of the details, so they punt things over into the Executive Branch instead... this in turn destroys the representation of The People directly. It's also happening over at the FCC as well...

Most of Congress has been duped into believing the ABC Agencies can run a lot of the show and Congress does a lot of political dealing with each ABC Agency. This allows Congress to wash their hands of complicated issues, issues that would get a lot of Congress politically skewered by The People, but only if The People awoke to the fact that Congress is not representing The People like they should if they are able to pass off issues to Agency leaders that were never voted upon by anyone.  

These ABC Agencies call the shots, including the vaccine shots like the CDC. Also thank the FCC for your property value dropping when a 5G small cell goes up right outside your window to give you more daily oxidative stress to your mitochondrial health. Congress is worthless because these appointed chairs at the ABC agencies were never elected with any vote by the American public, and as you can guess, most were past Industry leaders with agendas to keep their buddies satisfied, while the public just "takes it" because The People haven't raised this design flaw to Congress and demanded an answer. The only remaining course of action is to empower States or local cities that can attempt to stop "Federal overreach," even though most of this overreach is coming from the unelected Agency Leaders ramming their products upon us to side-step all individual choice.

All the while, the Supreme Court never questions this design flaw built into the United States system. These ABC Agencies are considered part of the "Executive Branch", but they act upon their own power structure, are unelected and really have undermined the intended design of the United States itself: To have 3 Branches of Government, not a 4th Branch of Government that sits in a quasi-limbo listed magically under the Executive Branch, even though Congress itself, that is supposed to be representing the American Public, joyfully washes their hands of important issues over to this 4th ABC Branch instead.

The 4th Branch of Government, which was never intended to have been part of the US government in the first place when the Founders created the country, now keeps tabs on public sentiment, works their politics by omitting the whole picture from the public, never debates an actual concern promoted by their agency, and therefore, could care less about personal freedoms and The People because they don't need to care about what The People think. This called fascism by definition. It's the new Fascism of the 21st century. It's time The People stand up and calls out the Design Flaw in front of us: Industry running parts of the Government as QuasiFascists. The Supreme Court actually needs to take a strong role to figure out how to resolve the dilemma we have created over the past century of creating these ABC entities. 

We have entered an era when we cannot trust our own government,  due to this corruption. The checks and balances are not working anymore. The People know they are no longer represented and this is why Congress has been at an all-time low: it doesn't get any more clear than this, folks. The power needs to be put back into the hands of The People. Congress needs to represent The People again. The ABC Agencies were never elected and do not represent The People. This is how the endless red-tape wraps itself around The People. If this doesn't get resolved in the next few years, I fear we have lost The Republic completely once our basic individual freedoms get ripped away one by one in the coming decade.

 If we were a wise society, we would trust observation over belief, as belief is often crafted with narrative propaganda. To properly assess observation, one must do his or her due-diligence to investigate data to form knowledge and then apply wisdom. A person that just believes what the CDC says (which is a corporation), and a person ignores the side effects (often for the narrative of The Greater Good), this section of the population seriously needs a real education. Often the people that argue, "vaccines just don't have much concentration of the bad material in them" are simply wishing vaccines to be benign and not looking at the printed side effects on every vaccine insert. 

Anyone that has used a homeopathic realizes that they work well, but also at crazy-low concentration to influence the human body's response. People don't understand biophysics, how signaling systems function with our regeneration pathways, or immunology for that matter, so they will just assume "life is only biochemistry" to omit the signaling pathways built into us that drive the biochemistry in the first place. Often when a disease outbreak happens, people fail to question "who is coming down with the disease in the first place: the vaccinated or unvaccinated?" Just like watching the propagandized news, it is wise to be very careful how we consume the propaganda and are able to read between the lines, but reading between the lines requires deeper knowledge about a subject. The CDC holds many vaccine patents and their vaccine sales is what keeps a huge chunk of their budget going. Automatically, all "news" that comes out of the CDC needs to be questioned because there is a real Conflict of Interest to desire and mandate (force) vaccines upon citizens. 

Even if a vaccine works in the short term, they are not reliable and many fail after injected for a myriad of biological reasons, including the strains changing and the complexity in our biological systems. This is why conventional doctors that have bought the CDC's propaganda recommend every person goes back and keeps getting boosters or updating their vaccines frequently, even as adults. It is telling when a doctor doesn't recommend improving one's mitochondrial health as a better strategy to boost immune response. 

Health and resistance versus pathogens is about energy production deep within our mitochondrial engines, and disease expressions occur when our engines fail us: this is tied to our immunology, hydration status and many other factors. Myster Spock has previously posted the article, "The Vaccine Debate Ends, Forever" because there is no such thing as a pro-vaxxer or anti-vaxxer. These are all narrative constructs. Anything we put into our bodies can be analyzed for safety or hazard potential, whether that be a vaccine, IV, pharmaceutical, food, drink or even a native frequency or altered, pulsed or modulated frequency. 

Now is the time people stop taking sides on an issue where sides do not really need to be taken at all.  These ABC agencies want the people to fight among themselves to take the onus and responsibility off of them for ripping away a personal freedom...the choice to intake what we want into our bodies, so they can force us to comply with any desired product pushed into our bodies of their control. Imagine what happens if we allow this and people need to line up every year to have a hundred or more injections. This forced-anything strategy (vaccines, chips, etc.) is very similar to the Communist agenda in China in the 1980s when IUDs were forced into women because of their 1-Child Program to reduce the population. Did they ever think putting a copper antenna that could pick up frequencies in the uterus of woman could offer up some mitochondrial issues? They didn't care about the individual at all because the socialist or communist attitude is built around the idea, "if it's for the good of society, then we need to do it..." even when individual women got complications or worse as a result. As long as the narrative is strong enough to convince the masses, everything is hunky dory. Take Asbestos for example:

Personal freedom and liberty is on the line in 2020, even though most of the population has been desensitized by media outlets and is in a mesmerized slumber thinking, "oh that could never happen." And strangely enough, there has already been a system in place that works fine: let doctors and patients decide together for evaluating if a vaccine is the right course or action based on all of the variables in play. Those citizens that want a "government group to call the shots, a non-elected part of government that is fed and run by industry" need to be told they are taking a fascist position, because they flat-out are supporting a Fascist agenda and probably not realizing why. This is the sad reality of our era.

-Myster Spock

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