Roy Cohn White House: The Mueller Report Special, Part II

Note: We have updated our show notes for our Mueller Report Special with articles and other sources referenced specifically in this episode: Part 2 of our discussion of the report. You can find, for instance, the Nov. 9, 2016 Facebook post by Andrea's sister Alexandra Chalupa outlining Manafort's tactics in the show notes below.

This episode picks up where we left off last week in our breakdown of the Mueller Report. (Note: we recorded this episode on April 21.) We break down the report and the probe in detail, in particular the role of Paul Manafort and who flagrantly announced his crimes and no one did anything to stop him; the constant underestimation of this transnational crime syndicate masquerading as a government that spurred both the press and the Mueller probe to give them a pass; and the revelation that all fifty states were targeted and potentially compromised by Russia in 2016, despite earlier denials. We call on Mueller to testify under oath to Congress and clear up everyone’s questions.

We recap the post-election 2016 “Audit the Vote” movement, in which we along with other ordinary citizens created a viral movement in November 2016 to call for a vote audit, and were threatened and libeled in the aftermath. We discuss briefly the hijacking of this movement by Jill Stein – one of many parties tangentially linked to Russia in 2016 whose full role remains unexplored. Another underexplored topic is the role and fate of Julian Assange, who was never interviewed by Mueller, and who was arrested between the release of the Barr Memo and the Mueller Report. We recap the evolution of Wikileaks from an organization ostensibly dedicated to exposing state crimes to an authoritarian front group dedicated to abetting state crimes, including Russia’s attack on the 2016 election. We also discuss the murder of Seth Rich, the hacking of the DNC, and the social media companies who further enabled the destruction of democracy worldwide.

We are still in dire straits and that is why we created the Gaslit Nation Action Guide full of suggestions you can act on now. Make sure you listen to the end of the episode!

Show Notes:

Searchable PDF of the Mueller Report

Video: KPIX CBS SF Bay Area on the Mueller Report

Buzzfeed 2016 report: Election Officials Say There Is "No Basis" To Rumors That Russia Rigged The Vote For Trump

Alexandra Chalupa’s Nov. 9, 2016 Facebook post on Manafort and election hacking

Ars Technica: DHS, FBI say election systems in all 50 states were targeted in 2016

NPR: Mueller Report Raises New Questions About Russia's Hacking Targets In 2016

CNN: FBI to meet with Florida officials on election hacking detailed in Mueller report

Bloomberg: Why Did Manafort Share Trump Polling? Mueller Leaves Clues

Mueller indicts Roger Stone, says he was coordinating with Trump officials about WikiLeaks' stolen emails

Washington Post: Russian company to invest in Kentucky aluminum mill

Julia Davis on Twitter re: Rusal and Deripaska’s sanctions deal

Esquire: Surely It's a Coincidence That a Firm Tied to a Russian Oligarch Is Pouring Millions Into Kentucky

Mother Jones: Text Messages Show Roger Stone Was Working to Get a Pardon for Julian Assange

The Hill: Judge sets Roger Stone trial for early November

Video: John Dean interview with Jake Tapper of CNN

New York Times: How Barr’s Excerpts Compare to the Mueller Report’s Findings

Newsweek: Should William Barr Recuse Himself From Mueller Report? Legal Experts Say Attorney General's Ties to Russia Are Troubling

Politico: When Trump won, Putin deployed his oligarchs

Vox: The Mueller report’s collusion section is much worse than you think

Holder: Any 'competent' prosecutor could win obstruction case against Trump

Joyce Vance on the “Charging Decisions” of the Mueller Report

Julia Ioffe on Wikileaks in the Mueller Report

Video: Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow

Ryan Goodman on highlights of Mueller Report analysis

Washington Post: Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

Michael Carpenter on Manafort and Gates in the Mueller Report

Andrea on Manafort, Gates, and Manafort’s odd Nov. 4, 2016 electoral college map prediction on Twitter

Mimi Rocah: Did Trump’s Pardon Dangling Work?

Brian Klaas: Dangled Pardons clearly affected witness behavior

The Atlantic: The Mueller Report is an impeachment referral

WSJ: Trump personally directed Flynn to find Hillary Clinton’s emails

Mueller Report on Kilimnik’s “peace deal” work with Manafort

Natasha Bertrand points out email in Mueller Report saying “Putin has won”

Andrea’s thread on Trump’s search for Hillary’s emails, including with help from Cambridge Analytica’s C.E.O. Alexander Nix

Vanity Fair: Mueller Confirms: Don Jr. was Too Stupid to Collude

NBC News: Mueller mystery: What are the other 12 criminal referrals?

NBC News: Mueller report shows he chose not to charge Trump because obstruction was in plain view 

Newsweek: William Barr Blasted by Legal Experts for Acting as a 'Defense Lawyer' for Donald Trump Rather Than Representing American People

Mueller report found Trump directed White House lawyer to 'do crazy s---"

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