[meta] Body Skin ver1.31 update

download links:
[meta] Body Skin 4K ver1.31

[meta] Body Skin LRE ver1.31  

change log:
- Fixed a bug in "optional - for old SBX users. zip" 
 Click here if you want to download only the latest Fix file alone. This fixes an issue where past scenes can not be loaded properly.

- Changed the body texture to the one that made each impression stronger.
- Detailed map (c_n_zara) of the body that can be connected seamlessly with the head.
- Face that became smooth-textured skin detail (c_n_zara).
- Specular map of face and body with improved gloss balance.
- Add face and body Ambient occlusion with fixed seams.
- Solved the problem of "mismatch between face and body reflection effect" that occurred to users who installed LRE and SBX.

Please refer to this article for earlier information.

Please refer to this guide for setting of LRE version.
[meta] Body Skin LRE Starting Guide & LRE Configuration File


Details and Production log

The body texture has been changed to show the difference even under ordinary lighting.
Especially 03 is reborn for THICC type, Perhaps this matches well with the body detail mod of the Fatty design.

I was surprised that the user had so much attachment to his neck so unusually.
So I wanted to solution the neck seam problem in this version.
I want to say before that, but I'm not a neck fetish, but an butt fetish.

Illusion used a mask to hide at the border between the body and head to minimize discomfort at the joints.
I challenged to try to abolish this by the proposal of Saint.

Formerly, the detailed map of 512px was pasted by the repeat, but it was necessary to change this to the thing of 4K whole body type.

I used Materialize and Photoshop to create normal maps, using Plasticmind's 4K data as a reference.
In addition, I liked the previous seamless texture, so I used stencil paint on Blender to transplant it to the skin.

UV boundaries can be erased with this function, but due to the structure of the mesh, there are places where they do not disappear well. Especially the side of the neck and the inseam!
I decided to blur those places with the Soften brush.

I slightly added blood vessels. This is a design that perfectly matches [meta] Kekkan Tattoo.
But it will be difficult for you to see this in the studio. This effect is adjusted very weakly.

I also changed the detail map of the head to match the body.
While leaving the impression of the original face, the skin quality is made more detailed.

 I also improved the neck part of the Specular map, and also rebuilt the face map.
The face was too bright in previous versions, so I adjusted the balance with my body carefully this time.

When I was searching for the cause of the border that never disappears, I discovered that the cause is in the Ambient Occlusion map.
I fixed this especially because the shoulders, neck and unc area were obviously not seamless.

Since different data were used in 4K diffuse initial pack and LRE, both are corrected.

When I enabled Reflection Probe of IBL I noticed that only the face reflected, so I wanted to fix this someday. Since I could identify the cause this time, I succeeded in improving this.

This is due to the difference in mesh settings (interpretation) between LRE and SBX, and is an issue for all users who have LRE and SBX installed.

I unified the setting to reflect according to the law of the natural world.

The settings for the Reflection Probe are in the "Lighting" tab of IBL.
This is an extreme example, but you can enjoy the scenery that is reflected in your body.

Supplementary information on seam issues. Depending on the type of body detail you use, you may see seam like this.
Please try using the RendererEditor to remove the "_Bumpmap" of the body.

[meta] Body Skin does not include a Body detail (Bump map),
so there is no way to address this issue. As of now.


Now, I have lost compatibility with other head mesh mods because this update no longer uses the neck detail mask.
In the future I may prepare a masked version, but for now I would like to see user response.


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