Role-Playing Games and Activity Analysis, Task Analysis, Functional Assessment 20190428

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This live broadcast initially starts with a Drum Circle Facilitation refresher for our staff in preparation for resuming regular drum circle events. We find these are great "ice breakers", and help teach some basic skills related to playing cooperatively, to help ease people into the RPG experience.

The rest of the broadcast is about applying Activity Analysis and Task Analysis methodologies (from Therapeutic Recreation profession), to determining which is the best activity for a group or individual, which would typically be cross-referenced with a Functional Assessment.

We use the Drum circle as an initial training on the Activity Analysis.

Next episode we will be walking everyone through the Activity Analysis and Task Analysis of the BECMI D&D role-playing game. Over time we have been, and continue to build, a database of each RPG to help determine which is the best fit for an individual (if we have an individual Funcational Assessment), or a general population group (if we are forced to make generalized assumptions, for example in public community drop in settings).

This episode covers the core theory and concepts necessary to understanding some of this process in program planning. You will want to view this episode before the next one.

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