The past few weeks I've been in a great time of wrestling and I have gotten a great deal of hate and probably well meaning, nevertheless aggravating advice from people who truly don't understand me or my story. It's too hard to try and explain every nuance of a life in a thousand word post, but I do hope that what gets shared is helpful in some way to some one. When all is said and done, where I'm right and where I'm wrong, I just pray it blesses others on their way. This path of being a twin flame won't end until we leave this earth and with every corner there is something new to discover. There are days I equally love and hate that part, but at the end of the day, I believe this is the path I chose, or at the very least, agreed to and so I walk it with all the truth and passion I can muster. I share the darkest parts alongside the bliss moments, because I feel that's part of my soul contract, to be transparent. I know often my words are taken in ways other than I meant them, but I have slowly come to learn that's about them and not me. I wake each day renewed to do the work I do and face each new turn and revelation... and I TRY to do that with faith and love... emphasis on the try. May you be richly blessed on your own journey today and always.