Public build 10

Windows (64bit, 32bit), Linux, Mac.   

Installation steps can be found on 

Here we go. This update concludes Scylla introduction as a companion, with a dedicated quest and scene. As well as the kobold Iski who finally found her way to the public build!

We are also introducing the skills upgrades tree system, which will bring more depth to the characters customization. Although only the Slash skill of Redic has it at the moment, the back-end itself is ready. So the rest will follow shortly. 

Hiho and Samara were the first characters introduced to the game, and their half body portrait were quite dated compared to the other characters, so we improved them to the current standard.

Other notable mentions beside the usual bug fixes and improvements, are two new tracks including the main theme of the game, the knight on pike inn location which can be found in the old docks, and a soundtrack player in the gallery to listen to all the music you unlocked while playing.

Anyway, have fun.


- [Patreon] Scylla scene.

- [Public] Iski scene.

- Follow up quest with Scylla.

- 3 new locations for the Scylla quest.

- New skills tree upgrades system.

- Main title soundtrack (from AoiichiNiiSan).

- Knight on pike location (in the old docks).

- Ambient music for the knight on pike (from Psychix).

- Hiho updated half body portrait.

- Samara updated half body portrait.

- Hiho and Samara skills icons.

- Ability to equip and unequip your weapon with R.

- Play the game soundtrack from the gallery.

- Edit the characters relationship from the cheats.

- The scenes unlocked are now saved into the save files in addition to globally.

- A few more collectible pinups.

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