AMAL, done! ... and a surprise...

One full month since I published a version, the next one is to be good! And I hope it is...

Surprise? You can now directly import your original AMOS applications! I have made a utility called 'amos2import', based on 'amostools', a great set of utilities made by a guy named Stuart Caie... For Windows only for the moment.

amos2import automatically creates the application's directory in the amos-2/applications folder, extracts the source-code in ASCII, extracts the sprites and converts them to PNG in the 'resources/sprites' folder  (sprite bank only, for the moment)  ... Your application is ready to compile under AMOS 2...

Please, as I say in the video, convert and try as many original AMOS programs as possible, and report the bugs. I will have a long list, it will be difficult, but AMOS 2 will end up being fairly debugged and stable...

And AMAL... of course. Please test it. I actually have not much time to test it. I am in the process of porting Johnny Acevedo cowboy fight program, entirely driven by AMAL. It nearly works. I wanted to have a running version to publish AMOS 2, but as next week is going to be agitated for me, I preferred to publish tonight.
Please test AMAL... Make tweaky jumps and loops... hehehe....

I want to add commands to the command set of AMAL, any suggestions welcomed! Remember, they have to be simple like on a calculator.

I am going to Norway on the first part of next week and Malta on the second part... so when I say it was going to be agitated, I was not lying. Unfortunately I will have no time to work on AMOS-2... But I will be answering in the forum...

See you! :)

## *AMOS 2 Compiler version 0.2 - 05/05/2019*

### Implementation of AMAL!
### Direct import of original AMOS applications!
### Collision detection works without a server!

### New
- All tokens are now compilable, they will just have no effect (I will print a warning soon for non-implemented instructions)
- Collision detections now works without the need of a server: the compiler now saves the collision masks directly into the code, therefore the AMOS 2 runtime does not need anymore to scan the images, ovepassing the 'origin-policy' protections of the browsers.
- Every XXX Gosub
- Every XXX Proc
- Every On
- Every Off
- ChanAn
- ChanMv
- Channel To Sprite
- Channel To Bob
- Channel To Screen (not tested)
- Channel To Screen Display (not tested)
- Channel To Screen Offset (not tested)
- AmReg
- Amal On
- Amal Off
- Amal Freeze (not tested)
- AmalErr
- AmalErr$
- Amal
- Synchro On (not tested)
- Synchro Off (not tested)
- Synchro (not tested)
- Update On
- Update Off
- Update
- Update Every
- Gamepad Map Buttons (more info in a later version)
- Gamepad Map Axes (more info in a later version)
- Gamepad Map Triggers (more info in a later version)

### Bugs corrected
- Many! :)


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