Hello World!

Today I launch the Problem Machine on Patreon project. I've been hesitating to launch this page for a very long time  –  I created the first draft a year or two ago, and have been sitting on it, prodding at it, revising it, and reconsidering it for all that time. Even now, the page is only going live because Patreon has forced my hand with their policy changes. In the meanwhile, I've thought a lot about what creating this page might mean for me.

I could have probably carried on indefinitely writing for free and not knowing if anyone read it. I am not in immediate danger of starving or going homeless. But there are kinds of survival beyond the immediate, and it's become more and more important to me to know that my work has some place in the world, that it is wanted. And, unfortunately, in the world we live in, that has to mean money most of the time.

I know that what I create is valuable to me. What I want to know is whether it is valuable to you. I will probably continue to create regardless, but I have now at least created a channel by which you can communicate that value to me. Thank you!

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