6 versions of page 129

In the beginning there was a simple GIF with 4 frames and yellow-greenish tint.

 It wasn't bad and I'd honestly would've updated with this. 

Except I thought that maybe I could add some in-between frames to make the motion smoother.

It gave me motion sickness, and I decided to discard this version and go with the first one.

Except I cropped this picture, and then added some blur and an Instagram effect and thought, "Heck, that looks nicer."


I reproduced this effect for all frames: exported each frame, added tilt-shift, ran through Insta filters, composed a new animation file. And this was version 4:


But something was still amiss. Maybe add another nice filter? Something-something from PS filter gallery this time:

"Heck! That looks kinda soft and delicate! I like it!"

Except I decided to add another frame to sort of hint at the direction of motion. I thought it wasn't very obvious how that blade of grass became slightly bent. I wanted to add another frame with the palm in front of it, so that it could move over the grass next. I needed to completely redo everything and add one more frame.

And even though this animation already looked sweet, the color was wrong. It had to be golden/yellow. Not the natural color of a rye field or something. This isn't a natural field.

So, the process consisted of a few steps:

  • extend animation, edit the new frame and figure out how to convey the exact idea I had with the layers position and camera motion
  • add color correction
  • export frames
  • add tilt-shift to each frame
  • make new animation project with edited frames
  • struggle trying to export this from Photoshop.

To be honest, this is the first time I couldn't compress the whole thing to a webm file that would be smaller than the GIF, so I decided to go with the GIF, but you can grab all videos from the attachments without compression artifacts.

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