Her Ass Licking Cuckold - A 3 Part Story

Her Ass Licking Cuckold is a naughty three part story where Connor is seduced into the pleasure of ass worship by Claire, a girl he meets at the gym.

She catches him staring at her butt in a pair of breathtakingly sexy workout pants and finds his lust for her charming. She asks him on a date and that very night has him indulge in his first session of ass worship.

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Part 1 - Claire catches up to Connor as they're leaving the gym and pointedly asks him if he was staring at her butt. He sheepishly admits the truth of her accusation.

Luckily, Claire thinks he's cute and suspects there's a bit of submissiveness to him. She asks Connor on a date and he ends up on his knees with his face buried between her butt cheeks before the night is over.

Part 2 - The second part of the ass licking cuckold story begins three weeks into their relationship. They still haven't had sex because Claire is determined to train him to think of worshiping her ass before everything else.

The second part also includes Connor's first cuckolding. Claire runs into her ex-boyfriend at the gym and decides that he would actually be a perfect sexual partner. She brings him home and Connor watches while helping out by using his tongue on her ass.

Part 3 - The third part of the story begins with Connor getting to clean his own mess off of his girlfriend's perfect bottom. Claire is taking him deeper into his training and Connor loves every second of it.

The cuckolding continues as well, and it won't surprise you to know that it goes a lot deeper. Connor will have to use his tongue on both Claire and her ex-boyfriend because that's his place.

I had a lot of fun writing this story (based in small part on my husband's love of ass worship) and I think you'll enjoy reading it. The responses have been great so far. Become a supporter today and read the whole thing!

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