The Young Protectors - Truth or Dare, Page 17
Oh, really?

Here on my Patreon page, I just posted up another digital Kickstarter reward for $5+ Patrons which featured The Platinum Priestess’s very first kiss. As you can imagine, that raised a few eyebrows in the comments over there. Comments included “Oh yeah. She is fierce. I’m not sure it ends well for him… but I suspect he goes out in a blaze of glory. How many of us get to say that?” and “yeah, I don’t think this ends well for the stud (even if he likes BDSM), but the artwork’s great! I’ve said before that I really like Mayorga’s lines and Sollazzo’s colors – just another example of why. :-).”

So! Tsunami would want to be alone on a desert island with Mitch. Why would he want to do that? And what will Mitch think of his response?

Tune in this Wednesday to find out! Hope to see you there!

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