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So excited to talk directly about adult performance, the sexual politics around it, the labor politics around it, and when those politics clash and support one another.

And who better to invite than Gender Studies professor Dr. Heather Berg and writer/comedian/porn maven Sovereign Syre! Heather is a brilliant mind and one of the most thoughtful Marxists I've ever met; she's really pushed the needle for me on understanding and embracing Marxist discourse. Sovereign is 

We talk

  • labor tactics developed by adult performers
  • Sov's and my histories in adult
  • How vocal people are about watching or not watching porn
  • The benefits of the (extremely problematic) "gig economy"
  • On being compared to Colby Keller by dumb journalists
  • Why the sex in sex work matters in the "sex work is work" conversation
  • Whether or not porn is art (it is!)
  • Why our picture of patriarchy should be informed by porn and not merely informing us ABOUT porn
  • What the best tactics are for performers to thrive
  • Why "feminist porn" isn't always good for workers
  • Heather and I trying to make Marx and Freud sync up

I love this conversation.


• For more on Heather, go to her website. There are lots of paywalled articles, but also contact info for anyone interested. And for more on Sov,  support her Patreon here.

• Heather and I worked together on an article, "The Problem With Sex Work Is Work."

• Here's my essay, "How To Be An Ex-Porn Star" about leaving porn and its complications.

• The political organization I was Vice President for for two years still does great work, and you should support them - The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee

David Graeber is a great anthropologist and writer. He's also one of our more important intellectuals. His book, Bullshit Jobs: A Theory is a great anthropological attack on work.

• We need to stop talking about every ancient sexual artifact in terms of fertility (and utility!). Anyway, here are some Sheela na Gig's enjoying themselves spiritually:

• Heather and I get into lots of discussions about whether or not sex is the prime motivator or economics. It's been such a profound ongoing conversation. I hope we present more of the conversation publicly.

• The best book about porn as a way of seeing (even though I believe the theory is incomplete) is Walter Kendrick's The Secret Museum: Pornography in Modern Culture.

• Read Gayle Rubin. Seriously, read Gayle Rubin. Here's a Gayle Rubin anthology to help you with this. 

Sorry I had to rush out at the end of this episode so it ends rather abruptly. 

Until next time!

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