Hey, Heroes! We hit $1500!! Woo-hoo! Thanks so much for everyone's support. Today I'm sending out the first flash fiction piece for backers at the $100+ level. I am also stocking up on supplies for sending out the first chapbook in July to backers at the $25+ level. Since we've reached the $1500 milestone, the chapbook will include cover imagery as well. I am still gunning hard to have a new story done for you by month's end of 5-8k (as I'd already started this before we hit the $1500 milestone, I'll increase the word count for the *next* story at end of August instead), but know that I'm fairly overwhelmed here the next couple weeks getting the original essays done for THE GEEK FEMINIST REVOLUTION which is due July 1st to my editor at Tor Books. Hope springs eternal, but I'll let you know if this is delayed. If it is, it will probably be delayed until mid-July. Remember that you can change your backer level at any time, and let new backers know that for a buck they'll be able to access archival stories. Those kicking in now at various other levels will also get access to the archive of pep talk emails, travel updates and video content in addition to supporting new work. Thank you all again so much for your support and patronage. I've been working hard toward creating more marketable work this year, and one of the things I'm loving about this Patreon is that it's given me the opportunity to do things I consider a bit more experimental. That's pretty much the greatest gift you can give an author. So thank you! Best, Kameron
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