Today I updated my website with the official Page of Thanks, where I list every Patreon supporter by tier. It's kind of like a credits page for everyone who helps me make comics. At the end of May (and every month after) I will randomly pick one supporter and draw their portrait for the page! Every supporter from $1+ gets a Lucky Chance!! for a drawing every month that they are a supporter.

Full regulations and stuff

  • If, for some reason, you can't use a name that you want to use publicly on Patreon, let me know what name I should use for you
  • The Page of Thanks is hosted on my own website, and doesn't currently update automatically. I'll try to update it daily Sunday - Friday
  • Every month I will use a random number generator to pick from all patrons for the Lucky Chance!!
  • If the same patron is picked twice, I will pick another random number until all patrons have been drawn. After that, you get a redraw. That's right, two drawings!!
  • If picked, I will contact the patron to arrange the drawing: the patron will have 10 days to respond before I will cancel and move to another random patron (this won't disqualify them from being picked again).
  • Once contacted, please let me know if you need a different name on the Page of Thanks
  • Similarly, if you don't feel comfortable with a portrait, let me know and I can draw a pet, OC, favorite plant, just ask!
  • You'll get a private message with an attachment of the digital file. For $15+ supporters, I'll print and mail you a copy (or the original, if it happens to be a traditional painting).
  • The license for Lucky Chance!! drawings is Creative Commons Attribution , which means you may repost/reuse/remix the portrait drawing in any way you like, as long as you attribute me with my name and URL to my website (

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