On ideological purity in programming

This week's post is up! More thoughts on how our brains trick us.

ALSO: An announcement! I'll be "pausing" the Patreon before the end of this month. There are two reasons for this:

1. I'm starting to get towards the end of the "brain storming" process, and approaching the point where I need to shift gears and starting actually writing the book for real instead of writing blog posts. (It would seem my initial prediction was about accurate: It's been just short of 1.5 years to get to this point!)

2. I'm starting to be a bit more busy with other things, so I'm slipping a little more than I'd like. I missed last week completely unplanned, for instance. I'd like to switch to finding a 5-hour block of time for writing every couple of weeks, instead of trying to sneak an hour or two here or there multiple days a week. Overall, I think I'll end up more productive this way. Or at least, avoid burnout.

Going forward:

A) There will still be blog posts! I have a list of several more posts to write, I'm just going to get to them somewhat less regularly.

B) The next step will be to put two things together: i) A hopefully more-refined table of contents, and ii) drafting a sample complete chapter. These are generally what publishers want to look at, and choosing a publisher will be the next major milestone.

C) I'll keep you all updated! :)

PS: I'm not sure if Patreon has exactly the function I want, so this pause might take the form of me having to remember to click the "skip billing next month" button, every month. I don't know if this sends out notifications or what. If so... sorry?

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