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If it's sensual bi cuckold writing that thrills you, this collection of stories should be the ultimate turn on. If you want access to all the stories, then become a supporter today. If you're already a supporter, then browse for your pleasure. I've organized the stories by tier and provided a short summary of the lusty action you'll find inside. These stories do not include the bisexual cuckold content found on my Private Blog.

JOI Tier:

Captions Tier:

  • You're Going to Suck Cock for Me - As the title suggests, this caption and short story goes into the details of what you're going to do for your wife. Hint: Your talented mouth is involved.
  • Would You Suck His Dick for Her? - It's a simple question. What if your beautiful wife wanted you to perform orally for her bull? Would you do it?

Stories Tier:

  • Be a Good Cocksucker for Your Wife - Come to your bedroom. Let me lure you into a sensual state of lust. Watch your wife and her lover have sex. Watch him pleasure her. Then do as she says and take him into your mouth. Be a good boy.
  • Getting Wild with His New Girlfriend - Mark's girlfriend Whitney is wild and wonderful in so many ways and she helps him tap into his bisexual desires by encouraging him to go down on another guy.
  • Her Bull is Coming Over - Your wife's bull is coming over, which means it's time for you to get ready to serve. Fluff him, pleasure his testicles, and then clean his seed out of her after they have sex.
  • Bi Cuckold Sucks Cock for His Wife - Your wife is a talented seductress and she's going to lure you into going down on her bull. You're going to love it, too.
  • Dom Bull Takes a Couple to a Gloryhole - Scott takes his cuckold couple to a gloryhole and makes them both offer oral pleasure to strangers as he directs them.
  • Gloryhole Cum Sharing and Kissing with Your Wife - Would you go to a gloryhole with your wife? You do in this second person story, and you absolutely enjoy giving head to all the throbbing erections that pop through those holes. You enjoy lusty cum kissing, too.
  • A Cuckold Christmas (multi-part story) - This 12-part story takes you on a wild journey as Haley offers her husband Shawn the ultimate Christmas gift. Over 12 days, she gives him a new cuckold-themed gift every day, including multiple instances of bisexual service to her bull. I promise, you'll love all 12 parts.
  • Do as Your Wife Says, Cuckold - If your wife wants you to service her bull's erection, you'll do it. If she wants you to fluff him, you'll do it. If she wants you to clean him after he's been inside her, you'll do it.
  • Training Her Cuckold to Suck Dick - Kim wants to see her husband give head. She wants to see him submit to her bull. To get what she wants, she trains him and eventually convinces him that being a bisexual cuckold is exactly what he wants.
  • Her Ass Licking Cuckold (multi-part story) - In this three part story, Claire trains Connor to be the ultimate ass worshiping cuckold. In the final part, he services her bull with his eager mouth, including giving a rimjob.
  • Will You Suck His Dick for Her? - It's a simple question, and the story asks it repeatedly as your wife slowly seduces you into offering your mouth to the sexually superior man she's taken as her lover.
  • Seduced into Being Her Bi Cuckold - This beautiful multi-part story depicts the ultimate seduction as Scarlett lures her husband into being an eager bisexual cuckold for her. She finds watching him pleasure her bull to be the ultimate aphrodisiac and she keeps pushing his limits to see how far he's willing to go.

Audio Tier:

  • Suck Cock for Me, Cuckold - Listen to a lusty audio clip where your wife lures you into giving a blowjob to her bull because it's your place as her cuckold.

Femdom Tier:

  • Couple Seeks Submissive Cuckold - This kinky multi-part story begins with you responding to an ad on Fetlife. The couple is looking for an eager submissive cuckold. In fact, they're not willing to accept anything less than complete and total submission. That means you're going to have to do whatever they desire. It's going to get crazy.
  • Have Him Fluff Your Lover - If your cuckold craves humiliation, then put him on his knees and have him fluff your lover with his eager mouth. It's wonderfully humiliating for a straight man to give a blowjob, after all.
  • Collared Bisexual Cuckold Used at a Sex Party - Marie collars her well-trained cuckold husband Kurt and takes him to a sex party where he spends the night as a bisexual toy to be enjoyed by all the guests. Read to find out just how hard he gets used.
  • The Cuckold Gets Fucked - At your wife's direction, her bull is going to go all the way. He's going to take you. He's going to slide his erection into your lubed up bottom. He's going to fill you while she watches and lets you worship her.
  • Find a Bisexual Bull to Fuck Your Husband - If you want to humiliate your cuckold, find a bisexual bull that will penetrate him. If you want to read a story about it, click that link and prepare to be bent over and taken.
  • Strapon Fuck Your Cuckold as He Blows Your Lover - You're in the middle of a sensual spit-roasting as your wife and her lover bull your body. Submit to it. Take it all. Let them find a rhythm and fill you beautifully.
  • A Week in the Life of a Submissive Cuckold - This multi-part series takes you through a week as your wife's submissive cuckold. You live in service to her, which means you service her bull when called upon to do so. Wednesday includes some very nice oral action.
  • Make Your Cuckold Completely Satisfy Your Lover - Tonight, your wife's not going to lift a finger to please her bull. Tonight, that's your job. You're going to do it all. You're going to blow and him and let him penetrate you. You're going to make him cum and she's going to watch.

Custom Story Tier:

You can order the bisexual cuckold story (3,000 to 4,000 words) of your dreams at this tier. After you sign up I'll message you and ask for all the dirty details you want included.

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