I Doubt It #130 – “Blame Jesse, Mormons Only, Greg Gutfeld's Correct, Stephen Anderson - Pat Robertson - Franklin Graham All Display Their Hate, Pope Francis and The Tribunal, American Medical Association Against Religious Exemptions, TSA, Gallup Morality, Criminal Texas Lemonade Stands.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss why they've failed their listeners, their trip to Washington, an atheist business-owner who only wants to hire one religious group, Stephen Anderson wishes Caitlyn Jenner would die, Pat Robertson's Hitler baby, Franklin Graham pulls his money from Wells Fargo, Pope Francis' move to set up a tribunal to deal with child raping priests, American Medical Association's move against religious exceptions for vaccines, TSA's latest screw-up, five takeaways from Gallup's morality poll, and a kid's lemonade stand gets shut down.