Some Future Projects I Have in Mind

Hey all,

I'd like to give you an idea of some projects I have in mind. I'm hoping this will help you decide whether you would like to support me for the free time I spend doing it, and to acquire the necessary equipment !

(1) Create a colorimetry application that will allow you to take a picture of your coffee grounds and obtain an objective measurement of the roast level as well as how uniform the color is outside versus inside of the beans. I think that this will allow roasters to compare the roast development of different batches of the same beans.

(2) Acquire a mass spectrometer to study the detailed acids composition in cups of coffee and how they are affected by origin, brew method, etc. This will require a lot of data analysis which I think I can handle given my background in astrophysics research. I think this has the potential to unlock a lot of knowledge on coffee extraction, and would be a big step up from refractometers.

(3) Create high quality videos of my brew recipes for the V60 and siphon.

(4) A detailed microscope imaging study of V60 and siphon filters.

(5) A blog post where I compare the particle size distributions of several grinders. I already started doing this but it is a LOT of work !

If you decide to contribute to this Patreon, you will help make these future projects a reality !

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