GTA V Lightsaber [Add-On]

A lightsaber is a fictional energy sword featured in the Star Wars universe. A typical lightsaber is depicted as a luminescent blade of magnetically contained plasma about 3 feet (91 cm) in length emitted from a metal hilt around 10.5 inches (27 cm) in length.


- Latest ScriptHookV

- Latest Community Script Hook V .NET

- Visual C++ Redistributable Packages x64

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

- OpenIV


1. Extract zip file.

2. Drag and Drop 'scripts' and 'mods' folder into Game Directory.

3. Add <Item>dlcpacks:/lightsaber/</Item> to dlclist.xml


type 'give lightsaber' to spawn a lightsaber.

type 'spawn jedi' to spawn an enemy with lightsaber.

type 'spawn many jedi' to spawn 5 enemy with lightsaber.


ScriptHookV by Alexander Blade

ScriptHookVDotNet by Crosire

OpenIV by OpenIV Team

Original Lightsaber by MrVicho13

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