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New Tune: "Brave New World"

The Mark Lint's Dry Folk album did come out, so if you missed any of those songs, listen here.

That was a wonderful experience, but I've not recorded a note since then (last October?), though I've written a couple of things. I spent a good amount of my performance energy this spring getting ready for our April 6 live podcast in NYC, for which I had some hopes of getting out and playing there, which did not materialize, though I did connect with an old MayTricks bandmate Matt Diaz for the first time in many years (I'll post a tune I worked on with him here at some point) and the two of us got to hook up for dinner with Richard X. Heyman and be the first to hear some of the tracks off of his new album.

The current live unit is just me, Jim (percussion), and Ken (bass). We have a show coming up: https://www.facebook.com/events/815929585446774/. Here's our last trio show: https://youtu.be/f-byzXp3iKs

Going forward, I have hopes to get my daughter Mina to sing with us some more, and Rei (violin/keys) is returning form overseas for a couple of months this summer and is interested in playing out with us. 

I've been working some on getting the old albums up onto Bandcamp/etc.; I commissioned two album covers for old albums, which came out well. I fired up my Cubase (still the new version I bought last summer which I don't really know how to use so well yet) to try to finalize a lingering remix for a tune and got discouraged. 

Well, I've finally now broken the ice, recording this brand new tune that I'd written in advance of the live show (which covered the book Brave New World; it'll be ep #215 at partiallyexaminedlife.com) but which I'd despaired of actually bothering to put down. Yesterday after doing my edit on that episode, I thought I'd just try to get started on it, and sure enough, it all just flowed out of me in a few takes: guitar, bass, vocals, drums (I'm particularly happy about those), some lead guitar licks, and time spent on the mix and master... I now know my way around the new software and will hopefully be putting that to good use coming up.

I wrote the song while prepping for a Ramones interview (Richie Ramone) which got cancelled (postponed?) due to some medical issue on his or his family's part. So this is by no means super original melodically/chordally/sonically, but hopefully it's fun.

Given my audience, I'd probably be well served doing an album of philosophy novelty songs. I could even call the album Philosophy Novelty Songs (or more likely More Songs from the Partially Examined Life). I've written a few songs specifically for PEL episodes in the past (like this and this), but have chafed a bit at doing songs directly about Descartes and Aristotle... it just seems cheesy, and moreover, I'm just not sure I have the craft to write to theme like that. (One guy who does is Dave Nachmanoff). Well, I chose this time to write not about the book Brave New World, but to largely focus on PEL the podcast itself, so there's a verse about each podcaster (with names adjusted so they're like The Ramones. Yes, it's plenty cheesy.

Here are the lyrics with chords:


Sethy is the man 

People say he sounds sad 


And he’s always pretty sleepy 

Because he’s a new dad


He’s looking for the poetry 


The heavy metal symmetry 


He will not be your Heidegger

Your Heidegger man

Dilly is upright

Curiosity and fight

And he doesn’t bring up physics 

Since we tried to set him right 

He’s been grumpy he’s been dry,

And he’ll always be the new guy

But he added extra energy

A doctor’s credibility 

   G             Bb              Bm  E

Brave New World, that has such people in it

   G  C6       D   G (high) or A or Bb   C (rest)

O Brave New World, it’s comin’ any minute

Wesley’s to avoid 

‘Less you wanna talk Freud

But if you can bring in Kant

Then he will be so overjoyed  

And he’ll write 8000 words

But he’ll never finish never 

But his notes are very thorough 

His positions are developed

Ma-ma-ma Marky is enthused

Got himself some things to do

With a hundred songs and interviews

That no one listens to 

Now he lies around depressed

And he envies your success

And he found a thing that you should read

And here’s another, here’s another.


Just four white men, why four white men?

Because that’s just how it happened back before 2010

And we’ve read a lot of texts

We’re still sticking out our necks

Speaking off the cuff at length enough

To have almost examined this

Brave New World

Braver, newer every minute

This brave new world

With all you listenin’ in it

This Brave New World

Thinking out in public 

Unpolished glass that may kick ass

If we can keep on subject

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