VR Headsets (2019) 2020 with VR Amazons - Recommendation

Updated to 2020. 

Hi guys, I'm getting questions which VR headset to buy currently that works with VR-Amazons.

 As always, it depends ;-)

 First of all, I'm planing to abandon support for dedicated VR controllers (Just implemented in SciFi level). The reason is, there are too many different VR controllers and coming new (eg.Vive Index (Knuckles)) , I don't have the development manpower, nor the equipment for testing, to support them all. Means also, I will abandon further development of SciFi level and transfer all good girls and scenes and all planed girls and scenes to upcoming "Femtropia", a Cyberpunk level. More of this in a later post.

Game Controller

VR-Amazons supports the Xbox game controller and I really recommend to use it. So here my first recomendation for a game controller, if you don't have one yet, take the Xbox wireless contoller which supports Xbox S and Windows 10. The "S" is important, because it has Bluetooth. So, if you one day decide to buy an Oculus Quest standalone VR headset, you already have the right game controller for it, eg. for Virtual Desktop or playing 2D Steam games on it..

Edit: If you bought the Oculus Rift already some time ago as single headset, not in the bundle with the touch controllers, you should have have this Xbox S game controller already.


(In my opinion the Oculus Rift S has the best price / performance ratio (coming  May 21st. 2019) (about 450.- $))

Meanwhile (2020) the Oculus Quest works with a long USB-C cable, so it can be used as Standalone and PC VR headset, so this got my first recommendation for  best price / performance ratio.  

If you are on low budget, any WMR headset should do it too. These seem to have some small issues with VR controller tracking, but these are not needed for VR-Amazons (see above) (starting at about 250.- $)

If you are a Simulation fan, the HP Reverb WMR headset might be a choice for you. It has a very high resolution of 2160 x 2160 per eye, so instrument panels show very sharp, and for simulators (and VR Amazons ;-) ) you don't need the VR controllers, because you usually use joysticks or wheels or game controller. (about 650.- $) But don't forget, resolution costs graphics card power.

 If you have more budget, you can think of a Valve Index, but many don't see the advantages for the about 1000.- $ to spend on this. One advantage is the viewing angle of about 130°. (Tests will show.) The others headsets mentioned above have a viewing angle of about 110°.
Edit 2020: Meanwhile I've got the Valve Index, and coming VR-Amazons releases are testet with it. I'm very happy with it, great resolution and best controllers (controllers not for VR-Amazons), and high quality.

 If you have a higher budget or a Vive already, you can also think about getting a Pimax 5K+.  The main features of this VR headset is the much higher viewing angle of about up to  170° horizontally and the very high resolution.  All I know who played with this headset usually never want to go back to lower viewing angles. It must be a mind blower.
It is compatible to the Vive tracking system.
The disadvantages of this one are: You need the highest end graphic cards currently on the market, many people report reliability issues with the shell,  the availability and last not least the price.  
Edit 2019: Meanwhile I've got mine, before the Valve Index, resolution can compare but with higher viewing angle.  Shell quality is less than the Valve Index.
If you don't have  the Vive stations and VR controller yet, you need to spend above 1100,- $. Just the headset is about 700 to 800.- $

PS: VR seems to make a leap :-) . Oculus Rift S and Valve Index first badges seem to be partly sold out already by pre orders.   
Edit: July 2020. Valve Index is available, Oculus Quest soon.

Edit May 29th 2019: The Pimax arrived and I found out that re-centering view didn't work in VR-Amazons with this. But it's already fixed, and all new releases  will have Pimax support. BTW, I  saw VR-Amazons with 50% better resolution now ... damn, it looks so incredible good :-)
I'm happy I've choosen 4K to 8K texture maps for the girls ;-)

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