How to Achieve Effective Proportions in Freehand Drawing

Hey there, Art Friends! 

Hope you're having a great start to your week. :)

I'm very excited to share a new Patreon-exclusive video... and this is a special one!

This is not only a tutorial, but also an explanation of the drawing method that helped me start to develop the ability to create effective proportion and location of elements within my drawing space through freehand drawing (no tracing and no using grids). 

Through using this method with different types of references consistently, as well as the tips and tricks I'll be explaining throughout this video, I have developed my drawing skills to the point that I'm now able to draw anything I want completely freehand. It's allowed me to progress much faster and has done wonders for developing my eye, as I'm now able to pinpoint errors very easily. 

I very much recommend this method to all you guys out there that are interested in seriously starting to develop your observational and drawing skills, and that would like to be able to draw subjects freehand. Use it as frequently as possible, even for 15-20 minute sketches, and you'll be making fast progress!

We'll be doing similar drawing exercises in the future with different subjects, but I really wanted to start with a still life arrangement, as it's the absolute best place for beginners to get started.

In this tutorial:

-Why using a grid or tracing to practice drawing will make you advance much slower 

-Why it's essential to achieve effective proportion, location and shape before moving on to smaller details like shading and texture

-How to use both positive and negative spaces to pinpoint errors in proportion 

-The significance of plumb lines and how they can help achieve effective proportion and location of elements within the drawing space

+MUCH more!

Here is the link for the mini-course I mention in the video:

Make sure to download the attachments included with this tutorial:

*This one contains no outline drawing, as we're practicing creating a freehand sketch.

a) Supply list

b) Reference photo in letter-sized format

c) Reference photo in letter-sized format with reference vertical and horizontal lines

*You can also download the reference image in the link below:

I hope you guys enjoy this one and don't hesitate to send me any messages/questions through the Patreon platform. I'd absolutely love to hear from you!

Also, remember to share your work in the Community tab here. Let's connect with each other and inspire each other to keep growing. :)

Much love and appreciation,


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