Adobe Software Alternatives

Quick Links for all the software mentioned here:

Freeware and/or Open Source:
 GIMP | Krita | Photopea | MyPaint | Paint.NET | Sketchbook | Fire Alpaca | Medibang Paint
AI: Inkscape | Vectr
IN: Viva Designer | Scribus
AN:  Blender | Open Toonz | Pencil 2D  |  Wick Editor | Synfig*
LR:  RawTherapee | Darktable
DW:  Blue Griffon | Brackets | Aptana Studio
PR:  Davinci Resolve 15 | Hitfilm Express | KdenLive | Shotcut
AE:  Tracktion 7 | Audacity 

Affordable and/or No Subscription Necessary:
 Affinity Photo | Clip Studio | Corel Photo-Paint | PixelMator | Paint Tool Sai | Paintstorm Studio
AI:  Affinity Designer | Corel DrawBoxySVG | Mischief
IN:  Affinity Publisher | PDFelement
AN:  Cacani | TVPaint Animation | Moho Pro | ToonBoom Harmony
LR:  Capture One  |  Luminar
PR:  Davinci Resolve 16 | Hitfilm Pro | Vegas Pro
AU:  Reaper 

*Synfig's performance is currently pretty bad on Windows, so I can only recommend it as an Animate alternative on Linux.

Did a post on Adobe alternatives that blew up on Twitter somehow xD. Decided to do an updated version since I found a bunch of really nice alternatives and remembered some I left out.

I completely forgot about Blender's new 2D/3D hybrid animation features, which have been used to produce amazing animations like the animated short "Hero", using just the tools available there. I've used Blender's grease pencil myself for animation and it's only getting better with time (the upcoming version 2.8 is looking fantastic). A very unique and promising alternative to Flash/Animate. 

Brackets is a great alternative to Dreamweaver, especially for web developers. It's got a real-time preview that destroys Dreamweaver's because it uses your installation  of Chrome or a separate browser and not something reliant on the software to be up-to-date with web standards. I'll be using Brackets for any redesign I need to do on the site.

Kdenlive and Shotcut are fantastic alternatives to Photoshop's video editors. I left these out of the previous graphic because I didn't think I had enough room, haha. But seriously, if you need to cut some video together, whether it's OBS stream recordings or a time-lapse drawing, I highly recommend these two open-source programs. I personally use Shotcut for all my video editing!

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