NPCs have their own wants and needs, you know

Friends and followers, here are some new Cute Town Sim screenshots!! 🎉🎉

In the cold, grey Wintertime, my productivity waned... but I am at least happy that I was able to fill that time with other creative things, such as all of those paintings I've explored creating! 🎨

Now that we're seeing Cute Town Sim characters again, it's time to catch the other NPCs up with Rhys' level of dialog complexity.

When I wrote the gift-giving function for Rhys, all of my code was specific to only his character, and the red fruits that he asked for. 😖  It has taken a lot of reworking to get the code working for each NPC, and for the different items that they want.

(Truthfully, it actually STILL doesn't work quite right, but I at least was able to get some screenshots today showing that the beginnings of it are working.  However, sometimes the thought bubble appears beside the wrong character, or with the wrong item icon inside it... I will iron out those wrinkles in my next session, but I think I'm done with staring at lines of code for today lol...)

🔑 Of interest here today is the fact that Sylf seems to want the unique key item that is found in a treasure chest, rather than one of the random objects that are available all over the ground... 🤔 It looks like he will have useful information to share with you if you come to him with questions about how and where to use important items!

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