#MuseumWeek special - 4; Immy on how they use Herbarium

#MuseumWeek special - 4; Dr Immy Smith talking about how they use Herbarium RNG in the course of their work. Music by Kai Engel. Transcript attached

Hello lovely patrons & visitors,

It's Immy here. Welcome to #MuseumWeek 2019, and the fourth (and final) of our audio chats from Herbarium RNG at the University of Reading, UK.  

Dr Maria Christodoulou and I did our first twitter takeover of @RNGherb on Tuesday 14th May for #SecretsMW. You can find our favourite thread here. I'll also be taking over on Thursday for #RainbowMW, looking at colourful material in the herbarium library, talking plant dyes, and repping #NonbinaryInSTEM, #DisabledInSTEM, and all my quietly bi/pan people about the place... Because some of us still don't see ourselves in sci/art very often. We have been making a series of podcast-ish audio chats recently, so this week we've made some special minisodes to celebrate our love of the Herbarium where we became friends/partners-in-SciComm-crime! 

[Image description; An illuminated letter S, filled with a pattern of colourful pebbles and Stone plants (Lithops spp).]


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Thanks for dropping by :)Immy xx  

[Image description; a circular drawing of a lichen-coated twig, with illegible tiny handwriting in the background.]

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