I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for their patience the past few months. I went through a few spells of being really sick with flareups and migraines, then my wrist tendon issues deciding to get snarky, making it difficult for me to create as much as I wanted to and get pictures taken, processed, and posted. More details can be found in my online journals, though most of you I already spoke with directly. I have had a ton of creativity and inspiration floating around, and have been doing mockups of various patterns and materials, various shapes and designs to give these ideas some substance. Doodles here and there, though nothing huge or special. Is that part of the creative process people would like to see? If so I can start sharing that as well. Will be sharing new content over the next few days as well as sneak peeks at upcoming work. I sent mail out for pledge tiers, and should have another round going out in the next few days, so keep your eyes open! In the meantime, here is an adorable picture of Journey supervising me while I work on art.