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I Doubt It #131 – “The Daily Rewind and Nerd Out Loud, VA ER, Dollemocracy '16 feat. Rick Santorum, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, the Rachel Dolezal Race Fiasco, Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt's Sexist Comments, NY Prison Escape Odds, and Asshole of Today.”

Jesse and Brittany discuss Jesse's latest appearances on The Daily Rewind and Nerd Out Loud, Jesse's recent VA ER visit, Dollemocracy '16 featuring Rick Santorum's reaction to Mark Kirk's comments on Lindsey Graham, Bernie Sanders' tax plans, and Hillary Clinton's flip-flopping, Rachel Dolezal's race fiasco, Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt's comments on female scientists, FiveThirtyEight's stats on New York prison escapes, and Asshole of Today featuring Kyle Smith, NY Post movie critic.