Elizabeth Warren: Nazi Hunter

This week on Gaslit Nation, we continue to break down the erosion of our rights and the refusal of those in power to do anything about it! We start off by looking at The Week The Mueller Probe Died in light of new information that’s been revealed since March. Because Mueller still hasn’t testified before Congress, or even done an interview, we do not know how or why the probe ended when it did – and we have other questions as well about the lack of interviews and indictments. That said, this was quite the week:

March 4: House Judiciary Committee requests documents from 81 people and groups linked to Trump corruption

March 5, morning: Unprecedented malicious “cyberevent” begins, unreported until May

March 5, afternoon: Mueller and Barr meet; Mueller abruptly announces he is ending the probe (according to Politico; reported April 19)

March 5, evening: Malicious cyber-event ends, according to the DOE

March 7: Paul Manafort gets light sentence from judge who says he’s lived an “otherwise blameless life”

March 11: Nancy Pelosi takes hardline stance against impeachment, saying that Trump is “not worth it”

Well, that’s a busy week! You know what would be great to clear up the various questions we have about national security, cyber-security, crime, and political corruption? Some hearings! Then we would not have to piece together this timeline ourselves. How about it, House Dems?

We go on to discuss the strange refusal of Pelosi, Nadler and others to have impeachment hearings despite the recommendation of constitutional law scholars, scholars of authoritarianism, and 70% of the Democratic party. We stress that this is nothing personal to do with Pelosi, but about the rights that are being stripped away from Americans, many of whom are suffering deeply under Trump, whose crimes are flagrant and obvious. 

We go on to discuss the 2020 race, threats to election integrity, and the novelty of Elizabeth Warren. We debunk the myth that a conservative Democrat is what wins elections by reviewing the insurgent candidacies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and the failed candidacy of John Kerry, as well as the difference between Hillary Clinton speaking freely on the debate stage and Hillary Clinton trying to fit a mold. Authenticity and adherence to principle are not just what we need – they are a winning political strategy! This is a tough time for Americans, and no one is going to save us but ourselves. That's why we encourage everyone to check out the Gaslit Nation Action Guide

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