But I'm A Cat Person development sketchpile

A collection of But I'm A Cat Person sketches and scraps -- pulled from notebooks, margins, and the occasional back of a paper placemat.

 These have been posted before, but not on Patreon, so I figured I'd archive them here. (Non-patron watchers, this is the kind of thing you can see more of as backers!) 

Posted in 2011:

Some of the earliest stabs at Timothy's design; comparative figures (and fashion preferences) for Bianca and Miranda; and a few random accessories (drawn on the subway).

Posted in 2013, but drawn around the same time as the sketches above:

Cohen was going to have navy blue hair for a while, until his design  settled on the nice stark black/white combo. Bennett's face changed from  flattish and round to square and boxy. The Cybele in the upper corner is probably the first sketch of her adult form.

The scruffy guy in yellow is just one of my "drawing the people on the train" efforts.

Posted in 2012:

Last-minute work on character designs for Jany and Kara Lynn.

As you can see, "being indecisive about Jany's hairstyle" is a long and noble tradition, which would come back in this planning session for her 2016 haircut:

Back to sketches that were posted in 2012:

Walker is unusually tall in that bottom-left sketch, huh? And you can see the early-onset approval for Bennett/Cohen.

I like the idea of the Raven meeting an actual sparrow.

Finally, posted throughout 2013:

The bottom left is actually prototypes of Reseda and Sparrow circa 2003-2004! 

Reseda's design was very stable for a long time -- this is the design she had as a vampire OC in And Shine Heaven Now, first appearing in 2005.

But poor Sparrow, until I started BICP, wasn't much of anything except "a name I like."

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