Well-traveled NYU sorority sister has now visited every Starbucks in every ethic enclave throughout greater New York City (and has the Instagram evidence to prove it)

Encourages  her Eastern European, Holocaust survivor neighbors to travel more as a  means to “broaden their understanding of the world” 

by Shay Guvera

NEW YORK -  A local sorority sister of the Omega Phi Beta chapter, was seen passionately addressing her elderly neighbors in the community. According to sources, the girl was armed with an Instagram account and a whipped-topped Frappuccino insisting that traveling to different Starbucks locations informed a “broad cultural perspective.” 

The scene converged when the neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Abrams, asked her how she was doing. The perpetrator, identified by the Abrams as 19 year-old Brittany McCracken, a sophomore at NYU, started the controversy by insisting that the Starbucks near NYU writes “Stay Woke” on each cup, but the Starbucks in the East Bronx writes “Stay Awake.” 

McCracken explained to the Abrams that the difference was a significant cultural barrier. Insisting the spelling was the European English spelling, something the Abrams would not understand, sources indicated Monday. “You probably like, don’t even know, like, what chai tea is,” said McCracken, “it’s like from Mexico.”  McCracken then proceeded to lecture the Abrams on the oppressive regime known as the United States. Comparing it to Nazi-occupied Europe, reportedly saying, “it’s like, really bad.” 

Local franchise owner, Anthony Marino, has known McCracken for several years, “Oh yeah, I know her,” said Marino, “I told her my parents were from Italy once and ever since then she’s always says 'hola' instead of hello when she sees me.” Mr. Abrams, a Holocaust survivor, suffered from cardiac arrest after McCracken, reportedly, used her phone to pull up images from Holocaust Memorial Park in Brooklyn where she took selfies with a chai latte. Reportedly, “his heart just couldn’t take it at his age.”  After an hours long battle in the emergency room, Mr. Abrams thankfully recovered and is now recuperating at home.

According to McCracken’s Instagram account she was last active at a Starbucks location in Queens specifying to employees that Brittany is spelled with two T’s. 



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