Oirbo DevLog #20 - Assets, Assets Assets!

Hi guys!

This week was all about assets, we are finally replacing the placeholders with actual art \o/. Unfortunately, this week build as postpone to next week, we had a small hiccup when we were finalizing the build which will prevent us to release a new update today. (Unity crashed on us and killed 6 hours work of object placements xD)

So what's new? 

First off, we have locked on a style! Until all our assets were just fancy placeholders as we iterated on the game actual style, today we can finally see a glimpse of it on the gif above.

Our wiring is also ready, now instead of red blobs everywhere, you will actually see cables connecting buttons to other objects. Besides being a decoration element it also has the purpose of helping the player navigate the source and destinations of each of our intractable components. 

Like everything else, the chest got a new makeover, it's now much more compact and has a swift new animation when opening and closing.

The last thing we added this week was the respawn pod, the whole flow isn't still complete but at least it adds a stop moment between dying and getting back into the action, something that the alpha really needed xD.

Behind the hood, we also started fiddling with VFX and fixing some audio related issues (we will have an ambient track very soon!) so you can expect even more improvements next week!

What do you guys think on this week progress? Let's know on the comments!

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