Michael Garfield - Live at the Apothecary (2019.05.11)

My first concert as a father, and my first concert as a Santa Fean, this show was warm, intimate, and magical. Dear friends were in from out of town, and new friends were won over from the dinner crowd. My old friend Sydney Wright from Austin, Texas – one of the regulars at my two-year Austin residency, Loopers' Night – joined me while starting off her tour of the Western States, and captivated all of us. (Her songs were not recorded at this show, but I encourage all of you to check her out.)

Big thanks to Mya Kass & Cheryl Casden for inviting us to play this show at the Santa Fe Oxygen Bar Apothecary Restaurant – and even more for buying an entirely new PA system so Sydney and I could have the best possible sound for this. And thanks to Andee Jean Ostara for her concert photography – you can and should follow her new professional account at instagram.com/andeejeanfoto.

We will do this again!

Recorded live on Saturday 11 May 2019.  Dedicated to Ada.

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Watch "Indecision" live (360º video).

Track List:

01- Underground River

02 - Let It All Get Out

03 - It Hurts So We're Not Dead (ukulele version)

04 - Indecision (ukulele version)

05 - Really

06 - The Cartographers (ukulele version)

07 - Autocatalysis

08 - You Don't Have To Move

09 - Always Catching Up

10 - Marry in the Flame

11 - Everything Goes (improvisation)

Attached: AIF & MP3 versions of all eleven tracks, as well as three different sizes of the album cover artwork, should you ever need that for some reason.

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