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New Story for 5/18 Posted!

Hi all! It's been a busy day today, but a productive one--my room is cleaner, my last load of laundry is going in the washer, and I've plugged in "calming pheromone diffusers" in the living room and kitchen which will hopefully cool down interfeline tension. (Yes, I am solving my problems with mind control. What of it?) And now, you get to reap the rewards of my hard work! Here's the linkroll for this week's story, "Remind Me to Forget".

The Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive version is here: 

The Literotica version is here: 

This week's Early Bird Reward story, "Room 126", will be posted momentarily. And thank you all so very much for your kind and continuing support of the hard work I do! I joke about being rewarded, but seriously. I'm so glad I can give you something for your hard earned money. Thank you.

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