27 pages of Chapter 3 complete so far...
So, a few things first! In case you missed it, the first two chapters and the bonus chapter for Time Fiddler are fully available to read on both Tapastic and Webtoons. Between the two services, I've gotten over 1000 subscribers total! Certainly some cause for celebration. 

Since the end of the Time Fiddler Kickstarter campaign that ended last December, I've been hard at work trying to get pages for chapter 3 done, and its honestly been incredibly frustrating how behind schedule I am with this. I had planned to have this done by San Francisco Comic Con, but at this rate I may not reach that goal. But who knows, maybe I'll pull it off in the last second. 

To give some insight into my process, it starts with an outline, followed by some editing and cleaning, then scripting out certain scenes, thumbnailing them, and finally penciling/inking/etc. But I don't script out the whole thing. Often times I'll work on chunks of an outline at a time, scripting as I go. On one hand, this can be frustrating from a planning point of view, but it also gives me some fluidity to react to reader feedback. For me, stories I write are a dialogue I'm having with my reader and myself. I won't bend to the will of my readers, but I take notes of what's working, what's interesting, and what's lacking. Please keep in mind that Time Fiddler is in fact my first "real" comic, short of a bad webcomic I ran back in middle school. 

Here's a look at what my sketchbook honestly looks like as I work on chapter 3 (And since this is the first BTS post, it's publicly available to both Followers and Patrons!):