Announcements: First Goal Reached and Offset Revised Core Rulebook Giveaway!


Hello Patrons!  Over the course of the weekend, we hit our first Goal!  Thanks to you, our patrons, we now have our snacks and/or food taken care of!  We really appreciate the support you have shown, and look forward to our next goal, where we will have illustrated Character Sheets!

For a limited time, we are running a drawing for one lucky fan to receive a physical offset of ZWEIHÄNDER Revised Core Rulebook!  All you need to do to enter the drawing is to have signed up as either a Follower or Patron by the end of May.  On June 3rd, we will write down all the names, and draw one entry from a helmet to declare a winner.

Once we have drawn the winner, we will send a message via Patreon to the winner for their address, and ship it to them. We will be making the announcement via our Youtube channel, as well as making a post of the results here on Patreon and on social media. 

We are eternally grateful for everyone's support in making our podcast better, and wish all of you luck in the upcoming drawing!