World Building Wednesday 44 - Merfolk and Selkie

Time for another patrons-only world building post! 

Just a quick note today, based on today's Mermay prompt (Selkie <3)

As I've established before, the Selkie are their own people and closer to the Heart of Faerie than certain other races, including the Merfolk.  So when a Selkie falls in love with a Merperson, the resulting offspring has a seal-tail, like their Selkie parent's but permanent.  All seal-tailed Merfolk were born of such unions.

(Above, an example of a Selkie-Merfolk offspring meeting their Selkie parent for the first time. It seems such parents might not stick around that long after the child is born. And yes, that is Sed, before her pirate days. Wonder what that might mean?)

More on the Selkie here. 

More on the Merfolk here. 

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