Body Positivity and The Redemption of Salads

With "bikini season" on the near horizon, I hear a lot of talk about diets, and a lot of that is rooted in shame, which makes me sad. What an individual consumes is very personal! I have only one diet "rule" to share: eat what makes you feel good. Eat what your body craves, what gives you energy, what makes you feel strong. Eat treats sometimes if you want, because life is short! Now that said, I do feel like there is one class of foodstuffs that deserves a little redemption: salads. Salads are seen by many only as the "healthy option", and these salads are often made from bland watery lettuce, stale croutons, and are drenched in lackluster dressings and eaten with a grimace and a sense of gloomy responsibility. Salads deserve more than that! A dynamic, well-balanced salad is a joy to consume. On my blog post on this subject I share an outline to craft a delicious salad plus three of my favorite dressing recipes: vegan wild herbs ranch, wakame gold dressing, and smoky sumac raspberry. Click the link below to dive in to a conversation about body positivity and eating salads for pleasure, not pressure.

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