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People of Quality Don’t Fear Equality downloadable sign art

I was reading the news yesterday when I saw that there was a KKK rally in Indiana. At first, I was completely disgusted. What type of person could possibly be so racist that they would even be in the KKK? And what type of even worse person would think it was a good idea to advertise that racism by marching the streets in an organized and planned event? As I was about to click on the video of the news story I was prepared to be disappointed in humanity. But to my surprise, the news story played out a bit different. The various reports stated that only 9 KKK members showed up (a few reported 10) to their own planned rally, BUT hundreds and hundreds of counter protesters peacefully arrived on the scene. The groups were spererated by a fence, which in a perfect sort of way, made the KKKers look like strange animals in a zoo exhibit. As the camera panned the crowd, I saw a woman holding up a handwritten sign that said, “People of Quality don’t fear Equality.” At that moment I had an idea of how I could use my art to help as we move forward into these troubled times. I could make poster art that you could download for free and print for protests and peaceful rallies.

Here is the first one inspired by that cool woman in the crowd in Indiana. The sign is standard poster art size, 22 inches high by 28 inches wide, so you can print it in sections on your home computer or just have it printed at the local print shop in one piece. Then you can tape it, or use spray fixative to attach it to a poster board or other hard surface. Instant sign that supports equality and peace! Carry it at a rally or put it in your window at home! Share the peace and love and power of the truth!

I have attached the color version and a black and white version. The black and white version will likely be cheaper to print and you could color it in at home! So it can double as a coloring poster. I’m going to make some more of these and I release them to you guys first. Then I will make them available for free (for non commercial use) for everyone.

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