Tom on TWiT Sunday?
Just got this message from Brandon Flynn:

"Hey Tom, I don't think it's necessarily a bad thing, and it assumes Lisa's tweet was accurate, but could have you given the patrons (or at least the Co-Execs) a heads up on the TWiT appearance? It's a bit of a firestorm from part of the audience, we maybe needed a better message on this one. Respect if you're just going it alone here, but it may be messy..."

Thanks for the nudge Brandon. 

There's no reason I wouldn't go on TWiT. I try to guest on as many things as I have time for. I don't always have the time but this Sunday I do. So when Lisa emailed me and asked if I would guest on the show, I said I would. I don't post my guest appearances in Patreon so I didn't think about posting this one. I should have in this case. So apologies for that.

Let me know your questions or thoughts if you have them.