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A LEGITIMATE ADVENTURE IN D.C.! a podcast/audio-diary....with laurie penny! {official Thing}

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hola comrades!!!!

--meep meep meep--

--we interrupt this tour of missouri to bring you a long, fun, thing-listen!!!--


the "state of althings" will again come at the beginning of next month instead of the end of the month so we can have a little more breathing room. it's already MASSIVE. we've done so so so many things this month. i'm so proud of this damn community right now, and being on the road is nailing it all together. we are really changing the world a little.

speaking of which!!!!!

remember when i went to washington DC (with laurie penny as my date?) for the white house correspondents dinner? and the "NOT the white house correspondents dinner with samantha bee" the night before?

(here's the original blog:


well......WE DID!!!!!!

it's taken us over a month to cut it together....sorry about that....but i've been on the road and piecing it together has been done on the fly.

it's all just a relevant as ever.

and i am proud that we can start playing around with this format and bring you this kind of unabashedly open, funny, honest political/personal content WITH NO ADS.

since this is being made on patreon, 'tis sponsor-free.

i hope you will agree: the production is AWESOME! all those etxra sounds and cuts and edits and songs and bells and whistles take a tone of time to create, and fannie cohen (FannieCo), my podcast producer, really brought it. 

we still haven't launched my "official" podcast channel, i think we're gong to do that in september, but this is TOO TIMELY to hang onto until then.

so this should give you a taste of what we are up to, and what the podcast could be if i decide to keep doing things along the lines of "audio diary" as opposed to straight-up interviews *which will also be fantastic....the interviews i've been doing lately have been changing my life, and will hopefully change yours when i get to edit them together and share them.)

meanwhile: THIS AUDIO DIARY/PODCAST is NOT PATRON-ONLY, i want everyone in the world to be able to hear it. so this one is free to stream on soundcloud for anyone who wants to listen and download.

and here's the contents of the podcast, beat by beat:

1:45 - AFP at the airport after landing in Washington DC! 
2:30 - AFP in a cab on the way to the hotel!
4:30 - Laurie and Amanda meet up. Laurie recounts being at the Trump inauguration and getting one of her “death metal periods”....
6:45 Amanda recalls being present for President Obama’s inauguration with dresden dolls....
7:45 - AFP and Laurie getting ready for the “Not The White House Correspondents Dinner”
8:25 - Laurie talks about who she is and what she does....
11:00 - In the cab on the way to Samantha Bee’s “Not The White House Correspondents Dinner” Laurie talks about UK vs. US and being a journalist.... 
15:00 - In the cab after the dinner, Laurie and AFP reflect on the “work party” vibe ...
17:00 - Sam Bee’s event was star-studded group therapy with people like Sigourney Weaver ....
18:10 - AFP + Laurie answer questions from Patrons and get distracted....
19:00 - “the racist did racism that was racist”!
20:15 - Amanda invents a new word, “solidarify”.
20:30 - Laurie speaks about free press being under fire ...
25:20 - Laurie references Jay Rosen on “the availability fallacy”.... 
26:30 - AFP on being labeled “extreme”. 
30:15 - Laurie: “people are quicker to assume inauthenticity in women”....
34:00 - AFP discusses the Rumi quote about “the three gates”....
40:30 - Laurie speaks about “holding the line” to fight against misinformation and fake news.... 
45:00 - AFP discusses how we as mammals are motivated either by threat or opportunity
46:30 - Laurie discusses “Everything is Possible, Nothing is True” about Putin’s Russia 
56:00 - AFP + Laurie head to the Official WHCD aka “Nerd Prom”.... 
57:00 - AFP recalls the speech by Ron Chernow... 
58:30 - Excerpt from Ron Chernow’s speech.... 
59:30 - AFP wakes Laurie up the next morning to talk life, politics, and feminism... 
1:00:00 - “The breast pump and the circumstance”... 
1:02:30 - Nationalism in US vs. UK...
1:11:30 - “Go back to bed, Laurie”!!!
1:12:00 - AFP lands in Albany, NY and reflects on the weekend and where we go from here





listen here, on soundcloud


$3+ download tier patrons, standby, your download is coming shortly.

here are some fun pictures from our trip.....

me on the way to the airport, very tired:

me & laurie on the red carpet at the "not" dinner:

our not dinner!:

me and laurie recording in the washington hilton:

our engineer, archie moore:

laurie, outside the hotel looking fancy:

me stalking samantha bee for a picture:

me at the podium at the WHCD...LOOK AT THE BAND!!!!!!!!!

i made the news!





me with martha bárcena, the first female mexican ambassador to the US

.....with jane boon and norm pearlstine - our hosts - from the LA times.




Laurie Penny is a journalist, screenwriter and Award-winning author of incredible books including Bitch Doctrine, Unspeakable Things and Everything Belongs To The Future. As a journalist, her work ranges from politics and social justice to feminism, pop culture, technology and mental health. Her word have been featured in The Guardian, Time Magazine, Buzzfeed, The New York Times and Vice. 

PLEASE, support Laurie’s endeavors on Patreon, i do....and SHE IS AWESOME.   

(screenshot of laurie's patreon)



Laurie Penny/ALL HER BOOKS:   


Ron Chernow's, author or "hamilton", the historian who spoke at the dinner (amazon page)   


Jay Rosen, "what are journalists for?"   


Howard Zinn, "a people's history of the unites states"   


Peter Pomerantsev, "Everything is Possible, Nothing is True"    


and just cos....

hey, er i wrote a book once! it's called THE ART OF ASKING and you should read it if you haven't.

you can find all about it here:





here's us at the International Literature Festival Dublin: Amanda Palmer & Laurie Penny 

it's a little lo-fi and on periscope....but it's awesome. THIS WAS RIGHT AFTER THE DUBLIN REFERENDUM. WE WERE HIGH ON LIFE:   


Not the White House Correspondence Dinner - video clips!   



IT'S KINDA BORING, BUT.....the 2019 White House Correspondents' Dinner on C-SPAN!!!!!!     


and now.....if you're feeling inspired....


The Committee to Protect Journalists.




last notes! the graphic for the podcast/audio diary is by andrew nelson.

many thanks to fannie and hayley for helping me get this post together while i was on the road!



gotta get to soundcheck in kansas city.

there will be no intermission.




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