Pen/Nib/Bottle Design (Update)

A small update on these pins-- I have received the restocks from a different manufacturer.

For those who were unaware of the issues with my previous stock run, I have it written up in a previous post on patreon.

Nib Pin

Decided to go through pin individually and write a small spiel about it.

The "new" pin is on the right. It's definitely far from perfect, with a lot of defects, but there was some things I was able to ensure were definitely right this round. 

The size is smaller, which adds to the possibility of errors in the colours, but that aside, the circle hoop is definitely of a more passable standard, and the vendor was able to work with me to do some elements with screenprinting rather than enamel, which mean the design was more visible and strong, rather than some elements missing.

The backside doesn't change too much, but for some reason they gave me yellow backings for this. I think the quality of the metal itself can also be seen without the extra cracks which are visible on the first round's order.

Pen Pin

The first set of pen pins didn't have many problems to begin with, but this time they didn't fill in the hole with enamel (lol).

This round though the pantone is somewhat more green (which I think is probably more accurate to file), but overall, both manufacturers were okay with this pin design.

Bottle Pin

This pin doesn't look too different, but the pin hole is definitely nicer on the most recent stock (right)! I think one of the biggest things is also the fact that the hard enamel is more filled in, so each of the lines look a lot  thinner in the restocks. It makes the design look sharper!

I was most appreciative of the double pin backings. I still can't believe the first round manufacturers did a 1.5" pin with only one pin backing. If worn on clothing, the cloth would have to be able to support the entire weight of the pin which I think isn't really the best option for such a large size of a pin.

Final Thoughts

Although the new stock of pins aren't exactly perfect, they are somewhat closer to what I'd hope for them to be. 

I think at this point, the perfectionist in myself needs to give leeway for what the design is and the limitations of the manufacturing process. Also understanding that each of these enamel pins are usually hand-coloured and filled by someone in a factory that is being underpaid for their craft is adding to the need to just let it go. Ethical options for pins don't really exist, and those that exist locally are mostly middlemen using Chinese sources.

The older preorders made back in early March for pins will receive the new pins as ordered previously in a small package by early next week. 

For those who have never come across these designs before, you can pick up either the seconds, or the new restocks on my store! 

Thanks for reading and for all the support on this project, I genuinely appreciate it!

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